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Rumi Naito has joined ELBmusic as Partner/Regional & International Promotion Manager since July 2011. In addition to a U.S. regional promotion, Naito oversees international promotion campaigns for ELBmusic artists in Asia, Europe, and South America, and provides marketing directions for the ELBmusic’s artist management. She also conducts initiatives in U.S. touring support services provided to multinational performing arts organizations outside the U.S. Prior to joining ELBmusic, Naito worked for some of the world’s most prestigious performing arts organizations, including the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston Early Music Festival, and Japan Opera Foundation as development and marketing specialist, where she achieved outstanding fundraising and sales goals, and implemented significant funding source development initiatives. She is also researcher and published author of El Sistema in Asia.

Rumi Naito

partner | regional & international promotion manager


[artist management]

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